Black Sky Meter PRO – a device for measuring the brightness of the night sky


Black Sky Meter PRO (BSM PRO) is device for measuring the brightness of the night sky in places of astronomical observations.

Black Sky Meter PRO (BSM PRO) is an innovative product for observers of the starry sky. In seconds, you can determine the brightness of the sky.

Black Sky Meter PRO is designed for measure the brightness of the night sky in places of astronomical observations and can be installed permanently outdoor, outside the observatory.

BSM PRO measures the brightness of the night sky in terms of a square second of arc (Mag / arcsec2).

Thanks to the use of the TAOS TSL237S sensor, BSM has unprecedented sensitivity!

BSM PRO has a dust and moisture resistant design according to the IP65 standard and is designed for outdoor installation and all-weather operation.

BSM PRO comes with an RS485 adapter. BSM PRO cable length is 10m. But if necessary, the cable can be extended up to 100m.

BSM PRO functions:
The brightness of the sky is displayed in magnitude per square second of arc (Mag / arcsec2).
An infrared blocking filter ensures measurement in the visible bandwidth only.
The lens provides a viewing angle of 15 degrees.
Display temperature in degrees Celsius (° C).
Temperature compensation of measured values.
User calibration.

Half of the maximum width (FWHM) angular sensitivity is ~ 8 °.
Reading accuracy – 0.10 Mag / arcsec2
Interface – RS485, USB.
OS Windows.
Case material – plastic in a rubber sheath.
Size – 110 x 20 x 20 mm.

The device is calibrated and ready for use. Attach the device using the supplied brackets in the desired location, so that the lens is pointing up. Lay the cable from the device to the PC connection point. Connect the cable from BSM PRO to RS485-USB converter. Connect the converter to the USB port on your PC. Install the CP2102 virtual COM port driver. Look in the device manager under which number the CP2102 virtual COM port was installed. Next, launch the Black Sky Meter application and select the desired COM port in the drop-down list. After that, click the “Start” button in the open application window. After a while, the corresponding indications will appear on the display. Take multiple measurements to get a more accurate reading. The measurement time is highly dependent on the light level. Under a city sky, readings appear almost instantly, while under a very dark sky (a moonless night far from civilization), the measurement process can take more than a minute. The maximum signal accumulation time is 90 s.

Download BSM PRO App 

Happy observations and dark sky!

In order to improve the quality of products, the manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in design and equipment without notifying users.

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