UF 30mm Ultra Flat Field Eyepiece


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UF 30 mm

Sky Rover Ultra Flat Field 30mm eyepiece (hereinafter referred to as UF30 eyepiece) is the one with the longest focal length in the series at present, and its apparent field of view is also larger than the model with shorter focal length, reaching 70 degrees. We have adopted a compact structural design, with super-large mirrors (the aperture of light passing at the destination end reaches 32mm, and the diameter of light passing at the object end reaches 40mm), and the eyepiece cannula is a straight tube, which is more conducive to maintaining the binocular mode, and ensuring the parallelism of the optical axis after the eyepiece is connected with the telescope. The 22mm long pupil design makes it possible to get comfortable observation experience even when wearing glasses. We provide standard 2-inch filter thread (M48x0.75,) at the object connection end of the eyepiece. After the foldable eye mask is removed, M45x0.75 thread is reserved to connect with the photographic accessories behind the eyepiece or adapt to astigmatism correction lenses.


Magnification = objective lens focal length/eyepiece focal length.




Coating: Fully multi-coated (FMC)

Focal Length: 30mm

Eye Cup: Foldable

Eye Relief: 22mm

FOV: 70 Degrees

Field Stop: 38mm

Size of Interface: 2 Inches

Optical structure: 9 elements in 5 groups

Net Weight: 550g

Size: 75mmx54mm

Accessories: box, cleaning cloth


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