UWA 7mm Eyepieces 82 Degree


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UWA 7 mm

SKY ROVER’s second-generation UWA series ultra-wide angle eyepieces, with high-grade optics and impeccable appearance, are products that astronomy enthusiasts are keen on. Its success lies in the fact that it can not only provide an ultra-wide angle of view of 82 degrees, but also in its reasonable price. Especially suitable for planets and deep-space targets, and also used for observing ground targets.

1. 82-degree ultra wide angle field of view;
2. 12mm long pupil, with the design of parfoal;
3. All surfaces are plated with ultra-high transmittance broadband coatings;
4. The edge of the lens is blackened, and the inner of the structural part is matte to eliminate stray light and provide good contrast;
5. The surface is black, bright and oxidized, and the rubber hand-held part is more humanized.
6. Standard filter thread design (M28x0.6).


Magnification = objective lens focal length/eyepiece focal length.




Coating: Fully multi-coated (FMC)

Focal Length: 7mm

Eye Cup: foldable

Eye Relief: 12mm

FOV: 82 degrees

Optical structure: 7 elements in 4 groups

Net Weight: 192g

Field of View Diaphragm: 11.3mm

Size of Interface: 1.25 inches, with a standard 1.25-inch filter thread


In order to improve the quality of products, the manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in design and equipment without notifying users.


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