FocusDream USB ASCOM focuser controller


FocusDream is a control unit for electrical focusers which designed in order to to expand the user and technical capabilities of standard electrical and moto focuser produced under Sky-Watcher (Synta), Orion, Levenhuk and other brands.

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FocusDream allow you to focus in manual and automatic modes directly from PC with use of a standard astronomy programs such as MaximDL, FocusMax, BahtinovGrabber and other programs that support the ASCOM platform in a focus section.

FocusDream has its own «FocusDream Control panel» application which make a refocus with the help of the interface buttons or use the left or right mouse button to focus, which can be especially useful for fans of planetary photography.

You can program the drive backlash compensation focuser (Backlash).

FocusDream allow you to control a DC motor focuser. If you use your computer in the observatory it provides a good way for you to not to look in the dark hand control focuser.

FocusDream works best with 5V DC engines such as new JMI Motofocus but can also work with 9V or 12V motors. The engines that require the current up to 150 mA will work with FocusDream properly.

There is no need to use the batteries of your focuser with FocusDream. The engine is powered directly from USB port of your PC now.

FocusDream supports the ASCOM standard. DC motors are not provide absolute positioning but with use of FocusDream auto mode focus and third-party software you can get pretty decent results.

Please take a look at FocusDream User Guide.

List of equipment with what FocusDream was tested with:

  • Sky-Watcher electric focuser
  • JMI Motofocus
  • Levenhuk electric focuser
  • Orion AccuFocus
  • Meade 1209
  • Meade 1200
  • TeleVue Focusmate Driver
  • WalterLee heliFocus

Package contains:

  • FocusDream control unit
  • USB cable
  • FocusDream User Guide and CD with software

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