EQDirDB9 EQDir USB PC Interface Cable 3m for EQ6, NEQ6 SkyWatcher and Orion Atlas EQ-G mounts


USB adapter for EQ6 NEQ6 Skywatcher and Orion Atlas EQ-G mounts.

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EQDirDB9 is a EQDir USB Adapter that allow you to control the telescope through the USB port of the laptop or desktop PC. It should be connected directly to the mount instead of a hand controller.

Optionally, instead of this cable, you can use wireless adapters – TrekFi or TrekBt.

This adapter can be used with any astronomical programs compatible with ASCOM: MaximDL, Stellarium, Cartes Du Ciel and others. It suitable for autoguiding during the astrophotography. In addition, the standard gamepad can be connected to a laptop or PC in order of manual mount control.

Before adapter connection, please install:

  1. ASCOM platform
  2. EQMOD ASCOM driver
  3. EQDirDB9 USB driver

EQDirDB9 USB driver:


  • Compatibility: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (x64 / x86)
  • Cable length: 3 meters
  • Weight: 70 g

You can also buy such cable by the length of 7 meters EQDirDB9 USB PC Interface cable 7m

Shipping – $6.98


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