DobsonDream4 – SkyWatcher, ORION Dobson kit


Dobsonian Push-TO DSC upgrade kit.

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DobsonDream4 upgrade kit is a Push-TO DSC upgrade kit for SkyWatcher and ORION Dobson telescopes. It helps observers to accurately and quickly find the objects in the night sky.

KIT contains everything you need for the automation of the SkyWatcher and ORION Dobson telescopes. It takes only 10 minutes to install it. Simply tighten 8 pcs of screws and install the encoders. That’s it – the telescope is ready for a fast search of the space objects!

If you have an ORION telescope, please clarify its compatibility first (before buying this KIT).

Controller receives data about the position of the telescope tube from the sensors (encoders) that located on the telescope mount axes.

For each of the axes, the resolution of the system is 4000 (4096) pulses per revolution, which is quite enough to accurately point the telescope to the object.

DobsonDream can work with any planetarium programs that supports the work with the basic encoders and DSC. Recommended – Cartes De Ciel (Windows, PC) and SkySafari (Android, iOS, mobile).

For the Sky-Watcher (Synta) Dobson telescope 14″ azimuth encoder mounting bolt is at about 2 cm longer than for 8″, 10″, 12″. Please provide your telescope model before buying this KIT in order to avoid the assembly complications later.

DobsonDream made in two versions. Their difference in different communication interfaces: WiFi or Bluetooth. In the standard kit (by default) the DobsonDream controller contains a WiFi interface. If you need a bluetooth interface – contact us before buying this item. Make sure you understand that Bluetooth version of the KIT works only with Android devices, while WiFi version supports both: Android and iOS devices.

  • Power supply: 12V, 2A, 5.5mm 2.1mm plug
  • The center pin of the power connector is positive

More detailed information can be obtained from the DobsonDream upgrade kit documentation.

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