StarFi – WiFi adapter for Celestron NexStar GoTo mounts


Wireless adapter for telescope control systems such as Celestron. Compatible with any telescope controlled by NexStar telescope control system.

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StarFi is a wireless adapter for telescope control systems such as Celestron. Compatible with any telescope controlled by NexStar telescope control system.

It can be used for a rapid telescope targeting with help of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

To use the adapter on a PC, you must create a TCP-COM port bridge.

HW Virtual Serial Port software creates a TCP-COM bridge allow Windows based astronomical aplications comunicate throught WIFi moduls.

Important: No external power supply or batteries required to power up this WiFi adapter!


To connect the adapter requires an additional AUX port on your mount.

If your Celestron telescope does not have an additional AUX port, you can order the  Aux Port Splitter for Celestron– a compatible 6-pin splitter for branching the connection port of the hand controller. Currently, we know that the following models does not have an AUX port: LCM series и AS-GT (CG-5) Advanced GT series. 


Getting started:

  1. Connect StarFi WiFi adapter to RS-232 serial port on the hand controller and to AUX port on the mount (before turning on the power of the telescope);
  2. Turn on the telescope. Spend a standard setting procedure recommended by the manufacturer of the telescope, namely enter into the remote location coordinates of observation, the current time and make alignment the telescope at the stars. Then turn on your mobile device Wi-Fi mode and connect to the access point with SSID – «StarFi». If device asks for a password during the connection – enter «12345678» and press «OK».

Example of telescope configuration and management with use of SkySafari software:

  1. Download and install the software. In the main menu, go to «Settings»;
  2. Scroll down to «Telescope» section and click on «Setup»;
  3. Select the type of equipment used «Scope Type – Celestron ***» and type of the mount, depends of your setup «Mount Type – Equatorial Goto (German)» or «Alt-Az. GoTo». In «Communication Settings» section select the wireless connection type – «Connect via WiFi»;
  4. In «IP address» field, enter the IP address that indicated on your StarFi WiFi adapter – «192.168.2.x»;
  5. In «Port» field, enter – «1234»;
  6. Return to the main menu and press «Connect».

If done correctly, you will hear a pleasant sound and the screen will display a crosshair with concentric circles which indicates the direction of the telescope viewing. On each side there will be the buttons that allow you to move the telescope along the axes of the mount.

You can direct the telescope at the objects by using a SkySafari objects database now. In order to do this use search – «Search» button, select an object from the list and press «GoTo» button. It is also possible to direct the telescope at an object on the screen. You need to click on it first and press «GoTo» after. For more details about how to use all features of the SkySafari software please visit SkySafari official website.

StarFi also works with Stellarium Mobile Plus app. 

View the StarFi user manual in PDF: StarFi.USER.manual

In order to improve the quality of the product, the manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design and equipment without notifying users.

Successful observations and dark sky! Thank you for choosing StarFi.

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