AstroPC PRO – NEW mini PC WINDOWS PRO (INTEL Celeron, 8/128 Gb).


Full-featured remote desktop system based on the Microsoft RDP remote access protocol

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Single board minicomputers are becoming increasingly popular among amateur astronomers. Until recently, single-board mini-computers for astronomy enthusiasts were mainly presented based on the Raspberry pi mini-computer running the Linux operating system. Such systems include StellarMate, Astroberry, Asiair and others. AstroPC PRO is a new astronomical mini PC running Windows 10 PRO operating system.

The AstroPC PRO is a small device that completely replaces your laptop, desktop or handheld controller to control mounts, astro cameras, focusers and other astronomical devices. AstroPC will allow you to control any astronomical equipment wirelessly or over the Internet using your smartphone, tablet or PC. And at the same time, you can be in a comfortable environment, in a warm room with your families, and at the same time enjoy observing celestial objects and astrophotography.

AstroPC PRO is a full featured remote desktop system based on the Microsoft RDP remote access protocol. Access to the system is possible through free RDP client applications from anywhere in the world! The AstroPC PRO sits next to your telescope, wherever it is, and allows you to remotely control all your astronomical equipment from your room, from your desk, using familiar astronomy programs, as if you were right next to your telescope. You can rotate the telescope from any mobile device while away from the telescope by simply clicking on the star map, change focus, take pictures, solve images of plates and much more!

Using AstroPC PRO is not limited to supporting astronomical equipment only from certain manufacturers, so with AstroPC PRO you can control any astronomical equipment from any manufacturer!

The AstroPC PRO wireless access point allows you to access the system directly, i.e. without an external wireless network, for example, in the field.

By default, the AstroPC PRO system has a minimal set of free applications and drivers, which allows you to quickly connect and start working immediately with SkyWatcher, Celestron, Meade, iOptron or Losmandy GoTo mounts, Canon, Nikon, ZWO ASI cameras and FocusDream focusers.

In the note to the order, please indicate the list of equipment that you will connect to AstroPC PRO. This will allow the AstroPC to be better and faster set up and tested before shipping.

The Velcro straps attached to the underside of the AstroPC PRO case allow you to attach the Mini PC to a tripod or other devices.

WARNING: The default password for connecting to the AstroPC network is 12345678



Processor:                            Intel Celeron N5105 2.9GHz 4 Cores
Operating system:                Windows 10 PRO
RAM:                                    8GB LPDDR4
HHD:                                    SSD 128GB M.2 2280 NVMe
USB interfaces:                    USB 3.1 x 3 , USB Type C x 1
Wireless interfaces:              Wi-Fi6 2.4G/5G dual-band, Bluetooth: 5.2
Video output:                        HDMI 2.0
LAN:                                     Ethernet 2.5G
Audio port:                            3.5mm
Power connector:                 12V 6A 5.5×2.1 mm x 4.

Dimension box (L x W x H): 150*79*20mm


Package contains:

AstroPC PRO mini computer – 1 pc.
Cables for connecting astronomical equipment – 4 pcs.


More detailed information can be obtained from the AstroPC PRO User Manual


In order to improve the quality of products, the manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in design and equipment without notifying users.


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