FocusDreamPRO – Upgrade kit for 2″ Dual Speeds Crayford Focusers


Upgrade kit for 2″ Dual Speeds Crayford Focusers

FocusDreamPRO Upgrade Kit is designed to be installed on the 2″ Dual Speed Crayford Focuser. It is used for manual and automatic focusing, as well as to automatically maintain accurate focus depending on changes in ambient temperature. The FocusDreamPRO Upgrade Kit¬† is based on the controller Focuser FocusDreamPRO.


FocusDreamPRO allows you to focus in manual and automatic mode directly from your PC, using standard astronomical programs such as: MaximDL, FocusMax, BahtinovGrabber and other programs that support the ASCOM, INDIGO platform in the focus section.


FocusDreamPRO also features a proprietary FocusDreamPRO Control panel application that allows you to quickly refocus with the help of the interface buttons or use the left or right mouse button to focus, which can be especially useful for astronomers of fans of planetary photography.


Through the use of microstepping mode of operation of the stepper motor (1/32 steps), FocusDreamPRO provides high accuracy of focus and smoothness of the movement of the focuser.


Technical characteristics and functionality:

  1. Type of applied motors – bipolar stepper motor.
  2. Max. Motor current – 0.8A
  3. Supply voltage – 12V
  4. Software compensation of the mechanical drive of the focuser (Baklash).
  5. Function of temperature compensation of focus (T.comp).
  6. Interface – USB.
  7. ASCOM driver, INDIGO driver.
  8. Application FocusDreamPRO Control panel.
  9. Software installation of the stepper motor current.
  10. Software setting of the speed of rotation of the stepper motor.
  11. Micro stepping mode for smooth rotation of the stepper motor.
  12. Program synchronization with the user position of the focuser (Sync position).
  1. Programmatically set the number of steps for a single movement of the focuser (Incremental).


The set includes:

1.Stepper Motor Focus Controller FocusDreamPRO.

2.Sensor of temperature.

3.USB cable.

4.Block stepper motor with bracket.

5.Hexagon wrench.


Documentation, drivers and applications


In order to improve the quality of the product, the manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design and equipment without notifying users.



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