EQStar – GoTo EQ drive controller for equatorial mount


GoTo upgrade kit for equatorial mounts.

EQStar is a equatorial mount control system designed to automate the control of the equatorial mount. It can be used in «stand-alone mode» or «control mode» (from PC or mobile device).

On PC EQStar works with any astronomy software (Windows OS) that supports ASCOM platform: Stellarium, Cartes de Ciel, StarCalc and others. Among the programs for astrophotography and guiding EQStar supports MaximDL, Guidemaster, PHDGuiding and others. While working on PC, EQStar can automatically find and track the sky objects (guiding) during the astro photography with long exposures. EQMOD ASCOM-application should be installed on the PC.

EQStar also supports working with the INDI astronomical platform and ZWO ASIAIR Pro.

Telescope control from mobile devices allows you to automatically find sky objects. EQStar supports SkySafari, Orion StarSeek, DSOPlaner and others. In planetarium program Celestron or SynScan telescope should be selected as well as «German equatorial mount».

EQStar communication with PC goes through the cable from the kit, with mobile device – via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Variety of platforms, drivers and applications with what EQStar can work creates a user comfortable conditions depending on the tasks assigned. For example, for astronomy photography laptop or PC is used to search, target and guide the object during exposure. Such options has mostly the Windows software. But for visual astronomy application it will be more comfotrable to control the mount with smartphone or tablet.

Universal joystick for a manual mount control included in this kit. It allows you to manage mount without PC, smartphone or tablet.

Stepper motor requirements:

Your stepper motors should support microstep mode.

Technical characteristics:

  • Mount type: equatorial
  • Power supply: 12V, 2A
  • Compatible type of stepper motor (not included in the KIT): bipolar
  • Current of the winding of the stepper motor: adjustable, 0.8 A (max)
  • RA and DEC reduction ratio: adjustable (from 1:100 to 1:1300)
  • Smooth acceleration and braking of the stepper motor

Packages contains:

  • EQStar equatorial mount control unit
  • Joystick for a stand-alone mount control
  • USB cable for connection of EQStar to PC
  • Set of cables for the motors connection

More detailed information can be obtained from the EQStar User Guide

Documentation, drivers and applications


In order to improve the quality of the product, the manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design and equipment without notifying users.


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